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Key Stage 5

Promoting happiness, self-esteem and wellbeing

The Sixth Form at Gretton provides a varied and innovative curriculum adapted to meet the needs of our students and allowing them to flourish.

Emphasis is placed on developing and preparing students for the transition to adulthood and life beyond Gretton, whilst also promoting happiness, self-esteem and wellbeing.

Individual programmes are developed in conjunction with the student themselves, their parents, teaching staff and therapists and all students have an Individual Education Plan and Individual Behaviour Plan, including termly targets.

Students can access A-level,  AS-level, re-sits in GCSE as well as other accreditations such as functional skills courses. Programmes are individualised to take into account pupils’ strengths and abilities.

“I think Gretton 6th form is the jewel in Gretton’s crown.”

In addition to taking academic subjects, students can also access a range of alternative qualifications and non-accredited courses, aimed at promoting their holistic development and preparation for leaving school. For example, all students undertake work experience placements and also have the opportunity to attend weekly driving lessons at Alconbury Driving Centre. They are supported in their independent travel and life skills and we also consider health and safety, money management, budgeting, cooking, problem solving and time management and organisation.

The importance of physical health and wellbeing are central to the Sixth Form curriculum and most students participate in PE each week. Lessons are focused on developing health and fitness habits that students can take forward into adult life. The variety of activities is always expanding in line with arising opportunities and student interests.

Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, students are of course supported to progress in their academic abilities, but also to:

  • build practical skills,
  • experience the work place,
  • access the local community,
  • become more independent,
  • improve their health and fitness,
  • pursue new leisure interests, and
  • develop strong friendships and relationships with others.

The sixth form environment includes small group working areas, a common room and catering facilities.

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