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Key Stage 3 & 4

An individual focus

Students in the Secondary School at Gretton learn in small classes with dedicated class staff and suitably qualified subject teachers. There is a high staff to student ratio and staff build strong positive relationships with every member of the form group. Through this structure students are able to feel secure, safe and listened to and consequently we see an increase in self-confidence and self-belief

Gretton has single handedly been the most important thing to happen for my development as a student and a person

The broad and balanced curriculum is adapted according to the individual needs, talents and interests of the student, as it is at every key stage. However by this stage students are increasingly taking ownership of their education and, with staff support, are learning to identify and evaluate their own progress and achievements, to take responsibility for themselves and to make choices – all part of their preparation for the next stage in life.

The school has helped with my social and communication skills greatly, going from not even leaving the house to visiting a university with another student.

Secondary students follow a bespoke curriculum that gives an experience in linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human, social, physical and aesthetic and creative education. It can lead to GCSE and other accredited qualifications such as ASDAN and BTECs.

Students benefit from a number of curriculum enhancement activities, both in and out of school, including Expressive Arts, Photography, Music and Catering. We encourage students to participate in clubs, activity weeks and residential experiences – all of which help to develop their educational and social skills.

Sport plays an important part in the secondary curriculum. Our Boccia, Football and Dodgeball teams have represented Gretton against other schools, with the Boccia team gaining a place in the National Final.

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