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Recognition and reward

Student achievement is recognised at many levels.

Praise and merits are used to reinforce the meeting of targets, for positive behaviour as well as good work. Students can exchange merits in the Merit Shop for motivational items of their own choice.

Achievements are shared with parents through regular communication with class staff. There is a tutor report at the end of the autumn term, parents evenings and a full subject report at the end of the year in the summer term. We also regularly celebrate achievement throughout the school day, during daily reflection and reward times.

At the end of each half term, we have a highly individualised achievement celebration, where specific achievements are recognised in a whole school assembly.

Progress is assessed each term and reported to parents. This is expected to be in line with, or better than, national averages.

By supporting pupils to identify and evaluate their own progress and achievements, we enable them to take ownership of their learning and make important choices about their futures.

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