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Summer at Forest School

The forest school site is looking absolutely beautiful. The site is becoming very rich in wildlife and the trees are looking lovely. Every session the students notice the changes in the site and make comments about how much the trees are growing, that the pond is starting to reside, that they hear new birds or see new pond life and it is just lovely to see our students showing more of an interest and curiosity towards nature.

After each session every student has photos and comments put into their individual journals and termly we complete a forest school assessment. These assessments are highlighting just how fantastic forest school has been for our students and the incredible progress they are making. We are seeing such positive changes in resilience, perseverance, social skills, risk taking, self regulation, and more!

One of our students started forest school extremely anxious, sensitive to germs and dirt and also had very low confidence around taking risk at any level. During the first term any time any mud went on this students skin or clothing the student became very unhappy, heightened and would immediately abscond back to school. Now this student will climb through brambles, crouch through bushes and even walk through stinging nettles! At the end of one of the sessions we all had a chat around the log circle and talked about what we have been enjoying. This student shared with everyone what he had been doing and then mentioned that he actually got some mud on his hand, but that it was ok! We all congratulated him on this progress and reminded him of how he was at the start of the year, he had a huge grin on his face and we all gave him a high five!

We are also very excited that some of our wild flowers have started to come out in our Outdoor Learning meadow. We are also having a parachute erected in the Outdoor Learning meadow this week which will mean that we can take even more learning outdoors!

Here is a photo where two students were trying to make a tree house so they were transporting wood and pallets from one side of the site to another using such great teamwork!

Leo Forest

Here are two students playing a game. The boys had to throw the stick frame over the posts and then apply their addition skills to add up their points!

Alex Forest

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