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St Barnabas Printing Press Trip

On Monday 11th of March all of the Sixth Form students who have been studying art for their various arts awards, attended a trip to St Barnabas’s Printing Press where they worked with the artist James Hill. James started St Barnabas Press in 1993 and it has now become an integral part of the Cambridge art community as an open access print workshop.

Prior to the trip the students transferred an image of their own choice onto acetate by scratching into the plastic using a sharp tool that Mrs Easton had purchased from an educational catalogue. The problem was they weren’t actually that sharp so they took a lot of muscle power to scratch away into the surface. On our arrival James Hill sharpened a series of huge nails using an axe grinder! These were absolutely lethal weapons but so much more effective for the job. Each of the students improved their designs by adding further details using these superior tools.

James then demonstrated how to rub oil based ink into the grooves and rub away the excess ink on the surface. He soaked thick cartridge paper and then the students places their designs onto the press and turned the huge wrought iron handle.

Mrs Easton was so proud of each of the students who all worked hard to produce some spectacular prints. Their behaviour was exemplary; they each did Gretton proud and made the whole experience a very positive one for all.

Have a look at our Gallery to see some fantastic examples of work produced by our students whilst there!

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