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Harry Potter Reading Club ‘apparate’ to Leavesden!

On Wednesday 27th June Gretton School Reading Club visited the Harry Potter World in Leavesden.  The Harry Potter Reading Club was founded a year ago, with Joshua from Applegate Class as its leader, along with members Charlie and Freddy from Pilgrim class, Alex from Shetland class and Saul from Temple class.

The Harry Potter Reading Club was created with the purpose of connecting all pupils who share a passion for Harry Potter in order to develop their reading and communication skills. At the same time they would be able to work on their team skills; allowing each other to read for ten minutes each per session. Every week a new session leader has been appointed, with the responsibility of helping each reader with any misunderstandings in the text. This has led to a wonderful sense of team spirit, as the boys have supported each other through their individual challenges.

“A child who reads, will be an adult who thinks”

Reading aloud, in a supportive environment, has resulted in each of the members developing a newly found confidence. Many of those, who before were anxious at the prospect of reading to the group, have overcome this worry.  The captivating adventures of Harry Potter have united the members of the club, as their imaginations move beyond the words on the page and they begin to question deeper narrative meanings. Josh has particularly excelled in this regard. Each of the members has shown a great degree of empathy for the disadvantaged characters, such as Harry’s position as an orphan. In the same way that the members love the protagonists of the story, they show a dislike for the villains, who they can identify as unjust.

When the sessions take place the members become immersed in the narrative, expressing a huge range of emotions from amazement to the desire to own a wand!  The trip to Harry Potter World was a wonderful way to allow them to fully visualise what they had been reading for so long. After they complete each book the members have expressed a wish to revisit the studio. They cannot wait to start The Chamber of Secrets next year. The Harry Potter Reading Club will continue to grow. New groups of Harry Potter’s fans will be formed and the founders will take part by helping and coaching the new readers.

On behalf of the club we would like to express a huge thanks to Josh, whose passion for Harry Potter has inspired them to take part. A special thanks to Ms Kirby and Ms Myles for their great support so that Ms Mackril could start the Reading Club. Also, many thanks to Ms Mackril, Ms Bailey, Ms Scott,  Ms Cauchi, Ms Tyler, and Ms Ison who have all helped to make this trip an unforgettable experience for the Gretton students.

Harry Potter

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