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Globe Theatre Trip

Just before the Easter break, students from KS4 and Sixth Form visited the Globe Theatre, London. They were given a tour of the amazing space and an intriguing insight into the world of cannons, crowds and cross-dressing on the Elizabethan stage. They then took part in a drama workshop on Macbeth, which some of them have been studying in their GCSE English Literature lessons. They experimented with different ways to perform a scene and explored character development, relationships and motivations in the play. It was a fantastic opportunity to dig beneath the surface, get to grips with Shakespeare’s language and show off their acting skills!


The students showed their appreciation by writing letters in their next English lesson, thanking the Globe staff and giving their opinion of the workshop and constructive criticism. The Globe staff responded and particularly praised Nathan for his engagement and focus throughout the visit.

All in all it was a day that was both educational and also an enjoyable day out for both students and staff alike.

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