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Forest School Ranger

A few weeks ago we announced the application process for secondary students to apply to be a forest school ranger.

Saul was the first to apply after showing an interest in the role when Jessica Rain first starting talking about the concept many years ago when Saul himself was in Shetland class!

When he discovered the applications were open he sent the most magnificent and heart warming application. This was followed by an interview with Jessica Rain and Sonia Sunshine and we are thrilled to say he got the job!

Saul attended his first session as a forest school ranger on Wednesday this week and was simply fantastic. So welcome to the team Saul. Noah in sixth form will be able to support Saul also in his new role as he has also been coming to forest school as a ranger since September.

We have had a few more students apply this week too who will also be invited to interview in due course so watch this space!

Here are a few words from our most recent Forest School Ranger, Saul;

“I have recently been given the role of Forest School ranger and on Wednesday I had my first session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked passing on my knowledge. I worked with Shetland and Newton classes who I will be mentoring throughout my role. To my surprise I was treated with much respect and it made me happy to see the smile on Freddie’s face after I chopped wood for his tree house that he was constructing. I also helped chop wood for the fire – necessary to withstand the cold (and cook everyone hot dogs!) I felt positive afterwards and felt like I helped make a difference and over my, hopefully many more sessions to come, I wish to help and inspire the others to role model after me.”

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