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Beauty and the Beast

Tale as old as time…

Wednesday 12th December saw the most fabulous performance of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the school hall. It was an incredible spectacle of laughter and drama involving some amazing students and staff. Everyone went to a huge effort to get this massive production on stage and it was enjoyed by an audience of over 200!

Our cast and crew did a really fabulous job and they should all feel very proud of their achievements! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

A big thank you once again to Ms Khairdean and Ms Beardmore who continue to amaze us all with their fantastic productions, your hard work has once again paid dividends!

A huge thank you to all the students and staff who took part in this, most notably;

  • for the revelation and wonder that is Aidy!
  • for the hilarious sisters Isaac and Saul, whose delivery and confidence (and comedy moments) were breathtakingly funny
  • for Jamie’s ‘Dolly’; this young man is simply going to be a star one day
  • for Freddie’s breakdancing, jokes and comedic timing – just what an absolute star!
  • for Dan and Nathan two sides of the same beast roles and their total command of the stage
  • for Kieran’s Papa role, particularly as he shared afterwards that he “nearly didn’t remember any of his lines the day before the show”!
  • for the runaway horse, who must have been boiling in that suit – poor William!
  • for the huge amounts of work that went on behind the scenes in costume, direction, ushering, lighting, set and props
  • For Mrs Fuller’s Belle and the support she showed all those lovely students around her
  • for Mrs Easton’s fairy – now we know she can do magic like that, we will have some even higher expectations of her brilliance!
  • for Mrs Myles; softly spoken, gentle, kind Mrs Myles… Who on earth knew she had a voice like that?!?! A true panto villain!
  • and for every time Mr Thorsteinsson was on stage in that dress… the wig slipped a little further each time he made an appearance. SLT meetings will never be the same again!

For further pictures of this spectacular production please visit the gallery!

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