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BBC Look East Visit Gretton

On Wednesday 28th November we had two visitors in school from the BBC. Steve and Anna came to see the school and film one of our 6th form students, Lauren, who has recently been published in the Cambridge News for a wonderful letter she wrote about our extraordinary art teacher Ms Easton.

They spent the morning with Lauren, who was extremely brave considering her anxieties, and the show aired on BBC One from 6.30pm on Wednesday. We are so proud of all our students who took such an interest in our guests and showed them just what a wonderful provision we are.

Special thanks to Lauren for highlighting autism in females and for providing such a platform from which to share causes so close to your heart. We know just how difficult this was for you and you did the school and yourself proud.

Lauren’s mum has included a link to view this on our Facebook page, a link is below for those who missed this! Regrettably it has expired on BBC iPlayer now.

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