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Amazing Art

This is one of our 6th form student’s final piece for her AS art coursework project; “Perception of Beauty.” Lauren explored different visions and ideals of beauty from a range of periods in history and cultures from around the world including: Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Indian, Japanese, Maori and various African tribes to name a few. Lauren produced a huge range of stunning paintings, sketches and other studies in a variety of mediums to demonstrate her research. She looked at “Perception Of Beauty” through the clothes they wore, their hair styles and body adornment such as piercings, tattoos, make up and jewellery. She also looked at the different body ideals and what were considered the perfect features from these cultures and a sample of different time periods in history. After her extensive research Lauren produced this stunning final piece which was executed in oil paint, acrylic and water colour paint. We are sure you will all agree, it is just spectacular!


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