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A student takes to the skies!

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Our student’s account of the day;

“After waking up at 5:30, and catching the 6:45 train to Cambridge. I arrived at Cambridge Station at 7:45. Me and Mr Chagger then drove 1h 15min (61.0miles) to Denham Aerodrome.
We arrived in Denham at 9:30 and had half an hour before we were meeting with Simon (our pilot for the day). We quickly went to the nearest petrol station to fill up the bus and popped into the co-op to get some food. Then we drove back to the aerodrome. Once we had parked we went to a viewing place to watch the helicopter taking off. Mr Chagger then called Simon who said we were in the wrong viewing place and told us to go to The Pilot Centre.
We walked over to The Pilot Centre where we were met by Simon. He showed us the route he was planning to take us on and then left us in the viewing place while he worked out all the different measurement and timings, for example how much petrol he would need.
While we were sat in the viewing area we saw a Robbie Rotten from LazyTown look-alike.
We sat and watched loads of airplanes and helicopters take off and land. Simon then gave us a quick safety briefing and then he went to fuel the plane. We were flying a Piper PA28.
I sat in the front with Simon and Mr Chagger in the back.

Mr Chagger said of the day:

“He was able to improve on his social skills when meeting Simon the pilot. He did fantastically well. We travelled in the air for 1 hour 10 minutes. We were able to see aerial views of Royston, Stevenage and Cambridge.
Simon our pilot was amazing, he explained what he was doing and why, he even allowed our student to fly the plane!
We had an absolutely brilliant day. Thank you to Simon for making this possible.”

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